What do I do if I forgot my login info?

If you've only forgotten your password, just click the "Forgot password?" link when you try to login. You'll receive instructions on how to reset it. If you've forgotten the email you signed up with, send an email to support@finiteplus.com (or message me on Instagram or Group Me) and I'll look it up for you!

How do I upgrade my membership?

First login, then click here. Click on the membership you currently have, then choose the membership you want to upgrade to. Pay the difference, and you'll be all set!

How do I join the Group Me?

After signing up, the link will be on the confirmation page. You can also click here and scroll down until you see the "Join" button under the Group Me section. That button will take you to a members-only page that provides the link to join.

Where can I find all the study guides and cheat sheets?

Click on the "Study" tab, then choose any of the four sections. The study guide for that section can be accessed via the button at the top of the page and any cheat sheets for that section will be linked in the box next to the practice test. Cheat sheets are also linked to the paper icon next to the title of each tutorial (not every tutorial has one, though, so keep your eye out!).

What is unlimited e-tutoring? Do you offer live sessions?

The unlimited e-tutoring feature allows you to message me an unlimited number of questions throughout the semester (if you have a Premium membership, that is). Just open up the chat box in the bottom-right corner of your screen and start typing! I try to respond as soon as I can, usually within an hour, but please be patient if I don't respond immediately. I also offer live half-hour or hour-long sessions over Zoom, though like any private tutor, I charge an hourly rate for this kind of dedicated time. If you want to keep your private tutoring bill low, use the e-tutoring instead!

Our Story

Therin and Zach have been friends and filmmakers since their freshman year of undergraduate school. In the spring of 2018, as they were preparing to make their next film, they realized their video production skills would be put to better use teaching finite mathematics, a required course for all undergraduates at Indiana University. Because so many students struggle to successfully complete this course, and may end up paying tutors hundreds of dollars over the course of a semester, they set out to create an affordable service that would help students get an A in their finite courses.


Indiana University Class of 2018. B.A. in Media Studies with minors in Playwriting and Creative Writing. Therin is the lecturer and content creator of Finite Plus. He currently lives in Las Vegas, where he attends the University of Nevada as an MFA candidate in Creative Nonfiction Writing.


Indiana University Class of 2017. B.A. in Media Studies with a minor in Spanish. Zach is the video producer of Finite Plus and is currently the owner of Lionheart Pictures, a video production company that creates high-end visual content for individuals, brands, and companies all over the country.


Indiana University Class of 2021. B.A. in Finance and Accounting at the Kelley School of Business. Max is the web designer of Finite Plus and is currently wishing you the  best.

Therin Alrik

Although he didn't pursue a degree in the subject, Therin has displayed a propensity for mathematics throughout his academic career. After completing his undergraduate degree in Media Studies, Therin moved to Las Vegas to pursue an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing at the University of Nevada, where he's currently working to refine his writing skills and cultivate a career in pedagogy. Combined with his inclination for mathematics, this academic and professional background have given him the experience necessary to teach finite online.

Zach Watt

Zach Watt has an extensive background as a filmmaker and video producer, which began as an undergraduate student at Indiana University, where he worked as a freelancer and manager of the Learning Media Team at the Kelley School of Business. At the start of 2018, he began the next chapter of his career by forming Lionheart Pictures, a video production company that offers services for a variety of projects, including e-courses, commercials, and documentaries. He currently lives in Bloomington, Indiana with his wife Jorgi, cat Nala, and dog Titus. 

Max Weger

Max Weger is a Kelley School of Business undergraduate who has a lifelong interest in technology. Throughout high school, he had jobs in the Computer Science field at Indiana University and currently holds multiple positions in the tech field. His aptitude for technology and education in business has made him an asset to the Finite Plus team, and after completing Finite at IU himself, he knows how useful an online supplemental course can be.