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for when everything else just isn't enough.

How to Book:


Choose a session length and membership status. Finite Plus members get a $5 discount for 30-minute sessions and a $10 discount for 60-minute sessions. Double-check that you've made the right selection so you don't pay extra!


Pick a date and time. I've moved to Portland since graduating from IU, so I'm on Pacific time. And unfortunately, my adult life has trapped me in a 9-5 job, so if my availability looks limited (or late hours for Eastern time), that's why. I try to stay as available as possible, including almost all day on the weekends!


Pay and reserve your session. Once you've paid via PayPal (credit/debit cards accepted), click "Schedule Event." You'll receive an email confirming all of your details, including a link to my personal meeting room on Zoom, which you can click to join when your session begins.

Black Sky



Demand for private sessions is highest during each of the four exam weeks. Therefore, I raise the price for these sessions by $5 starting the Saturday before each exam. Keep in mind, though, that the peak-week price only applies for sessions booked that week. In other words, if you book an exam-week session enough in advance, you'll only be charged the regular, non-peak price.

The cancellation policy for peak-week sessions is also different. Any session scheduled for one of the four peak weeks is non-refundable, no matter how far in advance the session is booked or canceled.

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