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pay once and use it the entire semester

  • The Everything Plan

    Years in the making, it's everything you need to pass Finite
    • 40 Video Tutorials
    • 12 Study Guides and Cheat Sheets
    • Answers to 100+ Webwork-style Questions
    • Practice Quizzes
    • Practice Tests
    • "How to Get an A in Finite"
    • The Finite Plus Test Taking Guide


You should carefully read our Terms of Service before purchase, but honestly, who actually does that? Here's the gist:

1. Do not share your account password. I keep my prices so low that I'm barely paid for time to run this site, so unlike Netflix, I genuinely can't afford for y'all to be using the same account. Please be kind and respectful of my labor!

2. Do not copy, reproduce, distribute, and/or sell any of the materials on the site (this includes the study guides, cheat sheets, and anything else accessible to members only). Not only does this violate multiple copyright laws, but if I catch you doing it, I'll have to terminate your account and possibly pursue legal action, and who wants to spend any more time with an attorney than they have to, right?

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