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pay once and use it the entire semester

  • The Everything Plan

    Years in the making, it's everything you need to pass Finite
    • 40 Video Tutorials
    • 12 Study Guides and Cheat Sheets
    • Answers to 100+ Webwork-style Questions
    • Practice Quizzes
    • Practice Tests
    • "How to Get an A in Finite"
    • The Finite Plus Test Taking Guide
  • What do I do if I forgot my login info?
    If you've only forgotten your password, just click the "Forgot password?" link when you try to log in. You'll receive instructions on how to reset it. If you've forgotten the email you signed up with, send an email to (or message me on Instagram or Group Me) and I'll look it up for you!
  • When does my plan expire?
    I cancel all current plans the Saturday after the semester ends, according to IU's official Academic Calendar. Currently, all plans will expire Saturday, December 18, 2021. ***If you have a Free plan, you'll only ever be able to access material related to the first half of the course, but I keep your account active through the end of the semester so you can still use Finite Plus to study for the comprehensive final exam.
  • If I'm in D116/D117, can I keep my subscription through both courses?"
    Short answer: YES! If you're enrolled in D116, send me an email at to let me know and I won't cancel your plan at the end of the semester. Once you enroll in D117, I'll send you a link for an additional payment of 50% your original plan value (so $6 for Basic and $24 for Premium) to keep accessing the materials/e-tutoring behind those paid plans for an additional semester.
  • Do you offer private tutoring?
    I used to, but now that I work full-time and live in the Pacific Northwest, it became too overwhelming to allow everyone to book sessions with me. That said, if you'd like to inquire about my rates and availability for private tutoring, send me a message using the chat feature below or on Instagram (@finiteplus). I'm sure we could figure out a plan that best suits what you need to make it through this semester.
  • Where can I find all the study guides and cheat sheets?
    Click on the "Study" tab, then choose any of the four sections. The study guide for that section can be accessed via the button at the top of the page and any cheat sheets for that section will be linked in the box next to the practice test. Cheat sheets are also linked to the paper icon next to the title of each tutorial (not every tutorial has one, though, so keep your eye out!).
  • Can I get a refund?
    Unfortunately, no -- for the simple reason that I don't sell anything that can be returned. I sell my time and for you to gain access to and download materials that couldn't be unseen or undownloaded after issuing a refund. For that reason, I treat all sales as final. However, if for some reason I've really let you down and you think a refund is warranted, shoot me an email at and we'll work something out.


You should carefully read our Terms of Service before purchase, but honestly, who actually does that? Here's the gist:

1. Do not share your account password. I keep my prices so low that I'm barely paid for time to run this site, so unlike Netflix, I genuinely can't afford for y'all to be using the same account. Please be kind and respectful of my labor!

2. Do not copy, reproduce, distribute, and/or sell any of the materials on the site (this includes the study guides, cheat sheets, and anything else accessible to members only). Not only does this violate multiple copyright laws, but if I catch you doing it, I'll have to terminate your account and possibly pursue legal action, and who wants to spend any more time with an attorney than they have to, right?

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